Openmoko L10N effort. Was: L10N, where to get sources

Evgeny Ginzburg Nad.Oby at
Mon Aug 11 14:07:17 CEST 2008

OK, lets begin

Sources of 2008.08 core apps like illume or assasin are in 
or repository, right?

Can you point me out what can I checkout/fetch to take a glance at 
contemporary situation. (I'm very beginner in VCS stuff)

I don't know where are GTK+ based applications home, Openmoko? OpenedHand?

Telephony apps come from Trolltech, so I don't know where put efforts 
in, Trolltech repositories or Openmoko branch/fork and push them upstream.

There also community provided applications as TangoGPS, I'll try to 
accumulate list of apps "deserving" translation, contact the developers 
and ask them for help.

Pootle[1] seems to be nice tool for allowing web based accsess to *.po 
files. So if nobody rises better option let's consider pootle as basic toll.

For "hardcore" translators which prefer off-line editing and have tools 
ready, there ought to be SVN/CVS/GIT/whatewer repository with read 
access for everebody.

How I see it now:
1. Let's organize such repo for ASU stack, and see if it'll work good.
We'll need some policy who will pull source code changes from sources to 
L10N repo and push translated staff back.
If you have another vision of the process, lets discuss.


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