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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

|> If things continue that way I'm _forced_ to ask our engineers to not
|> waste
|> their time with the bugtracker.
| If you do that, please at least hire somebody (or recruit a community
| volunteer) to go through the bugtracker on a regular basis and add
| some special tag to the items that should be looked at by the engineers.

FWIW I seem to get a copy of all bug traffic in my inbox and at least
glance at everything.  Sometimes you get tantalizing clue from what is
reported that is very hard to come at yourself, like SD Card affecting
GPS).  It's hard to say we "waste our time" looking at what prompted
people to complain from the field, it all means something.

If you think about it, our current bug traffic is pretty much nothing
compared to what we would have to service if and when we start shipping
"real numbers" of phones.  The best answer in that case isn't going to
be "ignore it harder", it would need more infrastructure along Mike's
ideas, sort for first level support staff person who asks the questions
that should have been answered in the first place, etc.

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