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Holger Freyther zecke at
Tue Aug 12 01:47:28 CEST 2008

On Monday 11 August 2008 22:00:20 Olivier Berger wrote:

Hey Olivier,

> quite annoying (like the pin and keyboard ones in OM 2008.8).

Please reread the bugs. I did close both of them as WORKSFORSOME as there 
never can be a real fix for all the things that were brought up. In my 
WORKSFORSOME close you can see the issues I identified and it is up to the 
guy that mentions the issue to file a ticket for that or file tickets for 
issues I have not identified in the message. One issue one ticket, anything 
else is not manageable. How should QA ever check if all the different 
mentioned issues are fixed? This will ask for duplicates but luckily there is 
an easy way to deal with duplicates.

> If you hadn't shipped buggy software (and had done more testing on
> 2008.8, instead of try and meeting the absurd magic 2008/08/08 date...
> or you're so superstitious ? : that's no good way to do releases
> IMHO), you wouldn't have gotten such amount of complaints.

Our test plans should be available to everyone. One is free to take a look and 
provide feedback. I'm sure QA is interested in improving them.

I'm actually surprised we don't get more bugs, what I'm surprised is the 
emotions and culture. I have not seen this at, and Opie's mantis, so I wonder what they do right and 
what is wrong with

> Sorry, but you're not behaving like someone in charge of customer
> support for a 400$ device, IMHO.
> /me quite pissed !

Well, I'm not in charge of customer support. I'm just contracted to work 
on "Qtopia on X11" but I happen to be the one most active in it (both in my 
paid and _unpaid_ time) because I do care that the technical issues get 
resolved and I'm on of the fews that use the neo as primary phone. So instead 
of being pissed off you are free to help to make best use of my resource by 
having one bug for one issue and improving the signal to noise ratio.

> You should be glad that users try and report in the BT instead of
> trolling on the lists.
> Please DO respect your CUSTOMERS, again.

I care so much that I read every single bug report and most of the comments. 
It is at a stage where I don't fix any bug at all but try to help users to 
make good use of the bugtracker, fix components, ask for log messages, try to 
figure what image they have and did to it...because no one else is doing that 
and I think that is very important...

The summary of today would be: No progress in putting things into the testing 
feed, but dealt with 1st level support.

So think about it. If people would help to make the bugtracker more usable I 
could roll out a testing package for Qtopia that to my believe fixes the SIM 
PIN Dialog and No Network issue. And I think with little work everyone can 

have a good night and please consider helping

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