tips for debugging openmoko userland applications?

andrzej zaborowski balrogg at
Tue Aug 12 01:27:55 CEST 2008


2008/8/9 Timo Juhani Lindfors <timo.lindfors at>:
> I built using mokomakefile. Can you suggest me a nice
> way to debug applications on the phone? My first idea is

I haven't done a whole lot of debugging but I hacked mplayer for a
while.  Mplayer is a rather big project with lots of code so it
generates a heavy binary.  So the first thing I did was come up with a
./configure line to strip it off everything I didn't need to test the
feature I was hacking.  Then I simply made the Makefile scp every new
binary to the phone with full debug symbols (stripping them didn't
save much) and used gdb directly on the phone, it was quite usable.


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