BT headset on Qtopia how?

Jim Morris ml at
Tue Aug 12 02:29:25 CEST 2008

I was reading Trolltechs docs on how to do this. They say they provide a reference implementation 
for HSAG and HFAG. So I would like to implement them so I can remove one of the obstacles that are 
stopping me from using the FR as a day to day phone.

It says quote:
"The Handsfree and Headset profiles depend on the Linux btsco kernel module being installed. This 
module works by creating an ALSA sound card device. The device can then be used by ALSA aware 
applications. All audio data is then sent over a Bluetooth connection to the remote device.

For more information please see README document in src/3rdparty/patches/btsco"

However I can find no such document in the current Qtopia source tree. There is a btsco module in 
the OE distribution, but I would need some pointers on how to hook it up to Qtopia.

I can get the headset to pair using the out-of-the-box bluetooth GUI, but it does not setup alsa 
correctly. It may be simply a matter of switching in an asound.state file, but that is a bad way to 
do it IMHO. I would like to implement these reference implementations Trolltech talks about here...

However some pointers to where those reference implementations are would help.

Anyone have any clues?


Jim Morris,

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