BT headset on Qtopia how?

Jim Morris ml at
Tue Aug 12 06:20:27 CEST 2008

Brad Midgley wrote:
> Jim
>> It says quote:
>> "The Handsfree and Headset profiles depend on the Linux btsco kernel module being installed.
> btsco is not the right way to do this. It's ancient and assumes
> commodity desktop audio hardware. neo routes bluetooth audio through
> its dsp directly to the gsm module instead.
> We may still need help from openmoko on this, but they have bigger
> fish to fry. I tried using their mixer settings for getting bluetooth
> from the gsm module but nothing came through. I wrote up a way to try
> it in the openmoko wiki but it probably needs a total rewrite and a
> new effort to try it with the latest software.
> Anyway, the most relevant docs are in

Ok I looked at the availble docs, and I looked at the wolfson page, and the docs 

Without full schematics showing how the BT chip is connected to the Codec, and without the BT chips 
docs, I cannot proceed. Depending on whether the BT chip puts out PCM or I2S it may or may not work 
according to Wolfson, unless external circuitry has been added.

This worries me because BT has not been tested by Openmoko in this mode, and no one after all this 
time has demonstrated a BT headset working. My conclusion is either I need more info from OM, or it 
won't work, which IMHO makes the phone a brick as I can't use it without a headset.
I am also worried about the comment in the Wiki about not working in full duplex with BT, again this 
would be useless, Full duplex is essential. Whats the point of a headset that can only listen and 
not speak?

I hope I just need more info from OM, and I hope they will provide it, including schematics and the 
docs for the BT chip set which I could not find on the Wiki.

So to OM Please provide more of the schematics that show (on a freerunner) how the BT chip connects 
to the WM8753, and please provide a link to the BT chips docs. Then I can try to make this work.


Jim Morris,

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