BT headset on Qtopia how?

Jim Morris ml at
Tue Aug 12 09:22:26 CEST 2008

Brad Midgley wrote:
> Guys
> fwiw, it's only system audio that was half-duplex, and only on the
> neo1973. the freerunner is supposed to have a nextgen codec without
> the limitation.
> I believe everything is connected via pcm. It would be unusual to do
> it with i2s.
> The main stumbling block for me was the fact that the alsa labels for
> mixer controls did not match with the wolfson specs. It was too
> confusing to figure out what switches to throw to get audio routed, so
> I couldn't really debug the mixer settings that didn't work. That may
> be different now.

I've been playing with the alsa controls trying to route stuff various ways, with no luck.

It seems to me it should be possible to route the bt mic to the spkrs for testing, rather than to 
mono/gsm. Ditto you should be able to route the internal mic to the speakers. I tried many 
combinations with no luck. Am I on the wrong track here? If you hit all these alsa settings via 
alsamixer, shouldn't it be instantaneous? Does there have to be an app running with playback and 
record channels open? It looks to me like you should be able to just flick the switches and have the 
mic route to speakers via alsamixer and get some nice feedback loops :)

I'd like to get this working without having to be on a GSM call the entire time, cause it looks like 
there is going to be a lot of empirical testing to get this to work, and will take a long time (like 
the last 4 hours I spent playing with alsamixer to no avail).

I know on my Linux desktop I can run alsamixer and swicth on the mic and speakers and get some nice 
feedback without actually running a program.

I don't think the fact I am using Qtopia should make any difference as this is all OS stuff.

Anyway any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Jim Morris,

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