[om2008.8] Testing packages for Qtopia

Holger Freyther zecke at openmoko.org
Tue Aug 12 17:22:11 CEST 2008


I think that the No PIN Dialog (#1765, #1798), GSM Antenna/No Network (#1766),  
missing SMS notification (#1792) and the various duplicates and variations 
(no phonebook..) are related to a funny issue in the QAtChat and TI Calypso 

As the planned "testing feed" might need one more day and the issue is 
obviously quite big I have created a small Qtopia update.

You can add: "src/gz zecke http://people.openmoko.org/zecke/qtopia-testing/" 
to your feed config and do a opkg update, opkg upgrade to get the Qtopia 
fixes. Feedback is welcomed.

Explanation of the issue:

	- QAtChat is responsible for queueing commands and forwarding responses
	- TI Calypso is the hardware/module that runs the GSM firmware.

Ti Calypso:
	- The module does PM on it's own. After ~5 seconds it goes to a deep 
sleep/suspend. Writing anything to the serial will wake it up, the down side 
is that the first command will be lost.

	- This class can handle modems like the TI Calypso and can send a wakeup 

So everything looks fine? Well, it depends on the wakeup command you send. The 
existing code picked ATE0 which might or might not generate a response. So 
the current code needs to discard everything that comes from the modem until 
after a timeout (500msec) has passed. Well, everything but notifications 
(first patch from me).

Now timing enters the stage. Qtopia starts qdsync which on our flash takes 
quite a bit to start and somehow the QAtChat queue is blocked, sometimes we 
manage to send a ATE0 (wakeup before starting qdsync) and the discard 
interval passed without executing any code but we didn't process the input 
from the modem.... So we get an OK as ATE0 response and treat it like the 
response of the current command and things start to fail. We treat the output 
of the previous command as the result of the current one...

Two solutions:
	- Send a command that does not generate a response. Mickeyl found one and is 
happily using that for the TI Calypso in ogsmd and I copied that now.

	- QAtChat::wakeupFinished might flush commands, or remove "OK" but getting 
this right is really tricky. So the above solution is preferred.

feedback is welcome, I've been running with these changes since saturday...

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