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Tue Aug 12 20:41:36 CEST 2008

As there are speculations about the new modem for a while, I recently
checked out what we might get.
There's really not much information about the Siemens MC75i modem around,
but there's at least a very basic datasheet:
The dimensions it states is, that it's a 35x35x3.5mm package (a announcement
about the MC75i said, that it's using the same package) - compared to the
current 2-chip solution from TI (10x10 + 7x7) this takes up at least 6 times
the space.
So I wonder - where will you find the space in a device that is hopefully
not as huge as the neo (at least not as thick) to get this in?

Like said before: there is not much information about this device, but for
me it doesn't look like a module to be used in a small smartphone. It might
fit in a bigger PDA, in a notebook or in some kind of blackbox, but is this
device really supposed to be in a smartphone?

On Tue, Aug 12, 2008 at 8:10 PM, Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang at>wrote:

> Hi,
> some Openmoko engineering news about last week from Taipei perspective :-)
> Monday: 3 people from Cinterion (former part of Siemens) came to our Taipei
> office. A while back we decided to use their GSM modules in upcoming
> products, to replace our outdated TI Calypso. We are very happy to work with
> them, and they offered even more engineering help and marketing
> opportunities. They confirmed again that the MC75i would be available in
> quantity in October.
> Monday: Matt and Shawn started our independent hardware lab, Moko Foresight
> ( Our ambitious goal is to
> have one place across products to scout, analyze and write proof-of-concept
> drivers for new open source compatible chips and modules. This will also
> important to drive hardware design outsourcing plans and keep our
> outsourcing partners 'on track' with regards to our openess requirements.
> Tuesday: Had a great kick-off meeting with a phone hardware design house in
> Shanghai. For Openmoko it's the second outsourced design house after we
> started working with a small two people design team in Berlin recently. We
> are very excited about this new collaboration because over time it will
> allow Openmoko to work on more designs in parallel, and to focus on our real
> strength of working on the 'openess' features. This does not mean we will
> reduce our internal hardware team or lab, in fact we will invest into more
> people and equipment to keep the outsourced design firms going in the right
> direction.
> Wednesday: Released GTA01 and GTA02 schematics. Joerg and Allen worked for
> over a week to cleanup the schematics, fix typos, fonts, clarify NDA issues,
> fix technical inaccuracies, make sure the resulting PDF is both screen and
> printer and Linux friendly, etc. etc. You can find the results at
> Thursday: Moko Foresight published some reports written over the last few
> months, see, from Gsmart MS800
> over HTC Touch to iPhone 3G. Check it out...
> Friday: Released long awaited Om 2008.8 software update. I think feelings
> of many of us are best summed up by Holger in his post at
> We know there are many things that can be improved, two items stood out:
> PIN dialog not working, full qwerty keyboard and terminal missing. Still, it
> was a big milestone for us, read Holger's post for more details...
> More next week, Best Regards,
> Wolfgang
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