New GSM-Modem (MC75i) - was "Weekly Engineering News 32/2008"

Patryk Szymczak patryk.szymczak at
Wed Aug 13 10:35:31 CEST 2008

> something I just noted is that adding radio functionnality with the
> telit hardware would be as simple as replacing the radio module. they
> claim to use a standard form factor that allows that

Telit is keeping most of products in one huge software family
(GE863-PRO is a different thing). So you can implement you SW once and
when replacing old hw with new model, project will work. I already
tried to port my software between GE864, GE863, GM862 without any
problems. Also, the connectors doesn't change.

I work in Telit's resellers office in research lab, so you can ask me
for additional requirements, qty, possibilities.

Patryk Szymczak
mobile: +48 695759817

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