Om 2008.8: usb: unable to enumerate USB device

Jay Vaughan jayv at
Wed Aug 13 17:23:37 CEST 2008

>> Do you have the USB pull-down resistor installed on the Host cable?
> absolutely no idea, how can I check ?
> I've used several (2 or 3) different USB cables of different length
> when I run into that trouble, but all cables behaved the same...

if you didn't put it there then you don't have it.  check the  
schematics for the USB side of things a bit .. we had these same  
messages in Open2X (for the GP2X handheld game machine) in the early  
days when folks were hacking up Host cables for use with USB devices,  
and the solution was a pull-down resistor and some sort of cap on the  
lines too ..

Jay Vaughan

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