Alpha 2 Release of Accelerometer-based Gestures, and Screen Orientation

Michael Shiloh michael at
Thu Aug 14 21:22:46 CEST 2008

Paul-Valentin Borza wrote:
> I'm proud to announce that the new release of accelerometer-based
> gestures, and screen orientation is now available for download.
> What you've seen in the video from
> is now available.
> This release includes:
> An application with user interface that allows the user to train the
> gestures for himself/herself;
> A listener daemon that sends a notification on the screen of the
> recognized gesture;
> Automatically switch of screen orientation for the four possible modes
> (2xportrait, and 2xlandscape).
> Here's the direct link for the release:
> You can find documentation, installation instructions, screenshots
> etc. on the Wiki:
> There's a quick way to install it, and a more detailed way... Read
> I would suggest carefully reading the instructions, and running the
> gesture listener as soon as you install the package (i.e. before
> training).
> Of course, the gestures were not trained for you (unfortunately I had
> a limited set of training data - only myself), so you'll have to train
> them for yourself.
> Have fun with it!

This is excellent. Thanks very much Paul! And thanks too for writing 
such a nice wiki page to go along with it.

Well done!

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