openmoko-terminal2 & FSO

Rod Whitby rod at
Fri Aug 15 00:13:50 CEST 2008

Sébastien BRICE wrote:
> hello
> I can't compile the reimplemented in vala code of the openmoko-terminal2 
> as attempting to build FSO, always the same log (take a glance below pliz)
> i use mokomakefile set with:

To build fso, at the moment you also need the following lines in

require conf/distro/include/
require conf/distro/include/

I'm attempting to fix that, but doing the updates to sane-srcrevs that
the FSO developers should be doing ;-)

> Secondarily, `make update-openembedded`  return a 
> `conf/distro/include/ needs update ERROR` since i 
> upgraded the with one patched and picked up on 
> This one fixed up a revision with illume-theme-fso and 
> i am wondering if the and are 
> rightly synchronized ?

I have fixed the illume-theme-fso in sane-srcrevs, so you should be able
to revert that change to make git happy.

I thought and are the same machine?

-- Rod

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