Best way to add dev libs and headers to toolchains?

Jim Morris ml at
Tue Aug 19 05:08:57 CEST 2008

Ok so I want to add some libs and header files to one of the various toolchains I have.

I use both the Qtopia toolchain and the openmoko toolchain (Mokomakefile already has them).

I could manually copy the .so and .h files, but that is tedious and error prone, plus you always 
need to ln -s the .so.

I have a *-dev.ipk package with everything in it, so it would be nice if I could do an opkg install 
to the toolchain on my workstation.

I see the wiki has a way to build a new library under the OM toolchain, but I don't need to build it 
as I already have it built as an ipk.

Could I use dpkg on my Ubuntu system to unpack and install the ipk? It seems to be dpkg compatible, 
but I'd need to tell it where to install. (I'm not a dpkg expert)

The library in question is gpsd-dev_2.34-r9_armv4t.ipk, although the question is more generic as I 
run into this a lot.


Jim Morris,

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