ALSA scenario for using VoIP

Russell Bryant russell at
Tue Aug 19 15:47:13 CEST 2008


I'm looking for the proper ALSA settings that would be used when  
making a Voice over IP call.  I'm currently playing with the idea of  
using Asterisk as the VoIP stack for the platform.  I can make calls  
using one of the VoIP protocols that Asterisk supports and audio  
output works just fine.  What I haven't figured out yet is out to get  
proper access to input from the mic.

I saw this referenced in a previous thread:;a=tree;f=gta02-dm2/data;h=7dee879fc6f4bfc88ad8e66a84b34276a6de6a90;hb=HEAD

I see a voip-handset.state and voip-headset.state.  However, they  
appear to be for the gta01.  Are there versions of these floating  
around that are for the gta02?

Russell Bryant

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