Openmoko Bug #1841: white screen of death (WSOD) after resume

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Tue Aug 19 20:21:34 CEST 2008

#1841: white screen of death (WSOD) after resume
 Reporter:  Rorschach  |          Owner:  openmoko-devel
     Type:  defect     |         Status:  new           
 Priority:  highest    |      Milestone:                
Component:  unknown    |        Version:  GTA02v5       
 Severity:  critical   |       Keywords:  wsod,resume   
Blockedby:             |   Reproducible:  always        
 Blocking:             |  
 Because there's no bug-report describing exactly this problem I'm opening
 a new one:

 After suspending and resuming the screen is all white. The phone ist still
 working, you can ssh to it and everything. Just the screen stays white.
 The screen will stay white forever, no matter how long you wait it changes
 nothing. The correct screen never comes back again. You have to shutdown
 by pressing the startbutton for a time or reboot (via ssh) to use your
 phone again.

 This happens with every OS I tested!

 This is imo a high critical bug and is preventing the daily usage of the
 Neo Freerunner because of decreased battery-lifetime without being able to
 resume. This bug is widly known on the mailinglist and irc for several
 weeks but it seems no progress has been made into fixing it.

 While other bugs like the 3G-Sim bug make the phone unusable for a certain
 group of users this bug makes it unusable for everyone as daily phone.

 Tested OSs by me:
  * 2008.8
  * FSO2
  * Qtopia
  * Debian

 How to reproduce:
  * suspend Neo Freerunner for more than 10-20min, try to resume after that

 Interesting behavior:
  * The screen still reacts on some things. e.g. under debian it gets
 darkened after a few seconds of inactivity by the screenlocker and it gets
 brigth (white) again when you touch it.

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