Announce: "rotate" program.

Chris Ball cjb at
Wed Aug 20 08:56:34 CEST 2008


Here's a quick and simple C program that reads a packet from the
accelerometer once per second, and rotates the screen to a new
orientation if the orientation has changed.           

I don't mean this to conflict with Paul's excellent work on Gestures;
my reason for writing it is so that it can be used as an always-on
daemon in the OM distributions.  (Full gesture interpretation is more
CPU heavy and requires reading data more often than once per second,
so perhaps that will be done on-demand instead of always-on.)

The code is:

There's an ARM binary here (chmod a+x rotate && ./rotate):

And you're welcome to make patches against the GIT repo here:

Would anyone else be interested in being the maintainer of this package?
It would involve packaging it up in bitbake/OE and trying to persuade
the various OM distros to include it by default.  (Perhaps with an
on/off control panel entry in distros that make that easy to do?)

Comments appreciated.  Thanks!

- Chris.
Chris Ball   <cjb at>

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