Testing and Unstable feeds for the FSO distribution are now available

Rod Whitby rod at whitby.id.au
Wed Aug 20 15:10:54 CEST 2008

Cédric Berger wrote:
> What is different from what was on buildhost.openmoko ? (and 2008.8 feeds ?)

Dunno.  No-one has ever precisely specified what buildhost.openmoko.org
actually builds, so we have no way of knowing what is different ...

I have heard from various people on IRC that buildhost.openmoko.org
builds from the org.openmoko.dev branch of the
git://git.openmoko.org/git/openmoko.git respository - which has quite
different contents from the FSO source code repository.

Note that this is *not* the same branch that the ASU Om2008.8 image
releases are built from.  Go figure ...

> Would I be "safe" if I used one of these repositories also for 2007.2 ?

No.  Neither for Om2008.8 or any other Om200X.X release.

> And for qtopia distro ? (which was said to be based on a fso rootfs...
> which version an modifications applied, I don't know)

No.  Trolltech has their own feeds for Qtopia.

> And how do opkg resolve version comparison ?
> I thing I had made a try, and it did not want to replace
> kernel-2.6.24_2.6.24+git30+[.....]
> by
> kernel-2.6.24_2.6.24+r5+gitr88bf43840b9df0eb0a077a1394eb564be80a412e-r5_om-gta02

Do not mix feeds.  Simple as that.

FSO is for FSO, ASU is for ASU, Qtopia is for Qtopia.  Choose one.

-- Rod

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