bitbake fso-image: git:// hung up unexpectedly

Russell Sears sears at
Wed Aug 20 20:23:56 CEST 2008

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer wrote:
> Am Mittwoch 20 August 2008 18:28:43 schrieb Russell Sears:
>> I'm trying to build FSO according to the directions at:
>> bitbake fso-image fails after saying this:
>>   git ls-remote git:// master failed
>> with signal 128, output:
>> fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly while parsing
>> /home/sears/oe/
>> I tried doing an mtn pull, but that didn't fix it.  Setting BB_MASK to
>> ignore that package causes later packages to say the same thing.
> The old framework parts have been consolidated into one repository 
> (framework). I have catched up with that since long in OE, seems the changes 
> did not propagate to Om yet.
> If you want to build FSO, please use

I thought I did, but now I'm even more confused than before (though it 
does seem to be builiding something... ;)

Do I want to do this:

mtn --db=/stuff/ checkout

## OM's wiki leaves the next three lines out:
mtn --db=/stuff/ pull

cd /stuff/ && mtn update
cd /stuff/org.openembedded.dreambox && mtn update

bitbake fso-image

or this:

git init
git pull git://
bitbake fso-image

Both lead to a coherent looking bitbake setup.  The git way is how the 
feeds are made, right?  The wiki says to use monotone.  What's the 
difference between the two repositories?

Also, the wikis are broken.  Should this go away:

or should this:

I can do a three-way diff, and try to merge one into the other.  I'm 
pretty sure the (unmaintained?) OM one should be replaced with a link to 
the (maintained?) OE one, and the gtk theme stuff stuff should live 
somewhere else at OM.

Sound good?


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