OpenMoko Neo 1973

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer mickey at
Wed Aug 20 23:48:27 CEST 2008


I have cc'ed devel at, which is the right forum for these 
questions. Please use this for further mails.

Am Mittwoch 20 August 2008 19:36:46 schrieb Azamat S. Kalimoulline:
> Hi, I use Neo 1973 and most attractive for me is FSO, because it integrated
> over system bus (d-bus).
> But at now I can't understood status of implementation. My simple questions
> is:
>  * Is GPS supported in FSO for Neo 1973? Is I'm able to see my coordinates
> and should work tangoGPS?

Yes, both should work. Once you turn on the GPS device, you should get signals 
after a while. Please see how it's used in the Zhone UI. That reminds me that 
we need to add more examples. Daniel?

>  * Can I receive SMS? I can see my SMS'es stored on SIM-card, but sending
> from another phone has no effect.

You should get a signal 'IncomingMessage' once the device receives a new 
message (provided you are registered to the network and the SIM is unlocked). 
Then you can use RetrieveMessagebook("unread") to read the new messages.

> And some questions on perspective usage:
>  * What about unicode and national character sets? I see my SMS'es as
> HEX-string.

Currently we only support text-mode SMS (and phonebook). PDU mode is currently 
under construction (see and will be finished soon. 
This will enable all kinds of languages for SMS.

>  * National typing. Keybord is english now, but needs to be national
> symbols for writing SMS and notes.

You can add multiple keyboard layouts. This is out of scope for, but please see the discussions on 'illume' (which is the 
launcher and window manager profile and deals also with the keyboard).



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