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> Hi,
> I have cc'ed devel at, which is the right forum for
> these questions. Please use this for further mails.
> Am Mittwoch 20 August 2008 19:36:46 schrieb Azamat S. Kalimoulline:
> >  * Is GPS supported in FSO for Neo 1973? Is I'm able to see my
> > coordinates and should work tangoGPS?
> Yes, both should work. Once you turn on the GPS device, you should
> get signals after a while. Please see how it's used in the Zhone UI.
> That reminds me that we need to add more examples. Daniel?

no, sorry that will not work yet. See for progress. Thanks to Rod
Whitby the NMEA parser is working and alongst has implemented the UDP
listener for gllin. What remains now is to automatically launch/kill
gllin. I think if you do that manually GPS should work for you. I
really want to have that working in MS3, though I'm currently busy with
SMS PDU mode..

> > And some questions on perspective usage:
> >
> >  * What about unicode and national character sets? I see my SMS'es
> > as HEX-string.
> Currently we only support text-mode SMS (and phonebook). PDU mode is
> currently under construction (see and will
> be finished soon. This will enable all kinds of languages for SMS.

Yeah, that's really starting to look quite promising. I already have
the decoding part more or less worked out, I hope to be able to have
encoding working by the end of the week (I would say today, but then it
wont happen :-). I still need to implement UCS2 support for
international charsets, though that shouldn't be too hard.

Daniel Willmann
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