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Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Fri Aug 22 12:29:48 CEST 2008


> Could we have official confirmation or denial of this rumour please,  
> and
> an accompanying timeframe? will continue to be run by Openmoko, without an  
end date. We did decide, however, that we cannot invest major  
engineering resources into fixing and improving GForge.
If someone wants to do this they are very welcome to help us, get in  
touch with roh and Gismo who keep our GForge server running. They  
probably have a long list of things they would like to see improved in  

Now comes the tricky part:

1) We are operating out own GForge server.
2) We know it is technically behind.
3) We know not much activity out there is going on to change this.
4) We looked at our business model and realized we rather focus our  
engineering resources on what we believe we can be really good at,  
mobile devices, not Internet services.
5) We know there are technically better code hosting services on the  
Internet, for example or

Should we continue to point people to our GForge server, without  
saying anything about alternatives?
Should we point to alternatives that are technically better but  
emotionally or philosophically disliked?

Bottom line - we realized the world is not black and white. Nobody is  
waiting for Openmoko to unify the whole world of Free Software. People  
will put their source codes in many different places anyway.
We will continue to operate our own GForge server. We openly say that  
we cannot afford to put serious (i.e. full-time) engineering resources  
into improving GForge. We call for help, if anyone can improve GForge  
please do so.
But also we acknowledge there are (technically) better alternatives  
out there, like

Does this make sense?
Best Regards,

On Aug 22, 2008, at 9:39 AM, Rod Whitby wrote:

> Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) rumoured:
>> as such - is desired to go as its gforge base is a  
>> bit
>> abandoned, and the solutions bandied about have been "use google  
>> code or
>> sourceforge etc."... so as the solution is to use someone elses  
>> infra. i know
>> i'll use my own :)
> Looks like it's time to move MokoMakefile back to svn.nslu2- 
> ...
> Could we have official confirmation or denial of this rumour please,  
> and
> an accompanying timeframe?
> -- Rod
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