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sh soeren at heisrath.org
Sun Aug 24 01:53:56 CEST 2008

> Sorry, but I don't understand the specific technical thing. 
> I live in Germany, so what does it mean for me? 
> I need only a normal Sim-Card and must only pay for speaking time as for regular calls? 
> My provider is Eplus. Can somebody explain me what I would need to handle encrypted calls?
> The only thing I understood was that I didn't need a data plan!!! That's make me happy. :)

Yes, it is because of the delay. GPRS is just too slow for voice
I meant to write "CSD or HSCSD" there, sorry for the
confusion ;-)

As far as I know, CSD data connections are not included in the
data-flatrate E-Plus provides. I've asked at o2 germany, they handed me
over to a "data specialist", which then told me that those calls are
billed like voice calls, but in the same phrase he warned me to not
"abuse" it - whatever that means...

Data calls are not treated like voice calls within the provider-cloud,
so the provider can distinguish between voice and data calls.

Best regards
- Soeren Heisrath

[0] - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Circuit_Switched_Data

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