openembedded recipe for Tichy

Guillaume Chereau charlie at
Mon Aug 25 13:05:23 CEST 2008

Hello Graeme,

So as I told you, I am trying to create a recipe for tichy [0]

Tichy is a python software, with a few c files (originally cython files, 
but to simplify I included the c code in the svn as well)
It has dependencies to python-pygame and libsdl.

Here my simple recipe file, :

DESCRIPTION = "Python applets manager"
DEPENDS += "python-pygame virtual/libsdl libsdl-image"

PV = "0.1+svnr${SRCREV}"
PR = "r1"

SRC_URI = "svn://;module=tichy;proto=http"

S = "${WORKDIR}/tichy"

inherit distutils

FILES_${PN} += "${datadir}"

I encountered several problems.
First, the c files include "pygame/pygame.h", a header provided by 
It wasn't found in the staging dir.
Following Mickey advices, I tried to add


Into python-pygame bb file. Now I am having more problem, as 
openembedded refuses to build python-pygame.
I think I messed with my openembedded directory structure. And since I 
don't understand oe too much, I  will rebuild everything  tonight, just 
in case.

Can you have a look at this ?
Thanks a lot.



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