Xglamo loops and hangs (and crashed before)

Holger Freyther zecke at openmoko.org
Tue Aug 26 19:26:15 CEST 2008

On Tuesday 26 August 2008 17:20:52 Harald Koenig wrote:
> On Aug 26, Holger Freyther wrote:
> > > Xglamo sucks cpu time and doesn't accept new xclients, they just hang.
> > > this is the tail of "ps uaxOT" output:
> >
> > (and top would be the better utility to see what sucks your cpu...)
> of course I used top to monitor it -- but the nice dynamic output of top
> doesn't really fit into a static email (and I don't want to include a mpeg
> movie ;-)

A static picture is good enough. :)

> seems to be difficult, since it happend to be for the first time now
> (fortuneately;).
> is there a reasonable way to debug the Xglamo ? I still keep it
> running/looping to get more information what's going on...

You should be able to install xserver-kdrive-glamo-dbg on the device to get 
the debug symbols. As for debugging... we would need to know for which 
command it is waiting to empty and which commands were executed before. We do 
not yet keep track of that... and maybe it is time to keep a small ringbuffer 
of the last used commands.. and flush it somewhere on a kill...


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