Openmoko Bug #1872: package names in assassin unclear

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Wed Aug 27 07:38:18 CEST 2008

#1872: package names in assassin unclear
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 Some package names are less explicit than others.
 gpe-scap is the worse, but diversity-nav, diversity-wifi and om-locations
 are unclear too. Outright original applications names are okay, altough
 some are (tango-gps) are less cryptic than others (orrery, midori...) .

 Prefixes seem inconsistent: I find the shorter form better. om-*, moko-*,

 openmoko-***2. The application name seems to include a version number.
 That potentially (and actually) contradicts the major revision number.
 It's unpolished to have such a semantic (if not technical) incoherence.

 Sorry this is 3 bugs in one ! Let me know if you want 3 tickets instead.

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