Openmoko Bug #1864: Keyboard needs to have a non-predictive mode

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Wed Aug 27 13:41:25 CEST 2008

#1864: Keyboard needs to have a non-predictive mode
    Reporter:  iknowjoseph                       |        Owner:  openmoko-devel
        Type:  defect                            |       Status:  closed        
    Priority:  normal                            |    Milestone:                
   Component:  unknown                           |      Version:  Om2008.8      
    Severity:  normal                            |   Resolution:  duplicate     
    Keywords:  2008.8, keyboard, predictive, pm  |    Blockedby:                
Reproducible:  always                            |     Blocking:                
Changes (by zecke):

  * keywords:  2008.8, keyboard, predictive => 2008.8, keyboard,
               predictive, pm


 Replying to [comment:17 iknowjoseph]:
 > Replying to [comment:14 Yorick]:
 > > a) The question is not about turning prediction off, but _providing_ a
 way to turn it off and on. Because I don't think it will be possible to
 use those "hints on the input", because even under normal circumstances
 (like in an SMS) where English-speaking people would like the predictive
 input you will sometimes type names of people/places
 > This is exactly what I want. Apologies if it wasn't clear before, but I
 want the standard 2008.8 keyboard, in predictive mode, but with a button
 to toggle that mode on and off. On my SonyEricsson I can hold down the *
 key and it gives me the same keyboard, but with the predictive mode
 toggled off.
 > To be honest, this would be the simplest the keyboard could be whilst
 still operating in a useful manner. A more advanced (although I can't
 imagine difficult) solution would be to automatically turn off the
 predictive keyboard when entering a web address, password, config setting,

 Well, we are extremely limited on hardware keys (we only have two) and
 also limited on screen real estate. In the Opie/Qtopia world we have a way
 to switch between keyboards since 2000, the X11 world does not offer
 anything like that and it takes time to even get basics like keyboard
 switching done... Anyway I can provide keyboards and #1764 needs
 addressing to select them.

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