Om2008.09 Must have list

regina regina_kim at
Thu Aug 28 13:53:21 CEST 2008

Hi guys.

Testing team have selected list of bugs what should be fixed for Update 
OM 2008.09 (refer below the link)

selected bugs are totally 52.(if we find out more serious bug number 
will increase )

if we can fix all of them will be really perfect but i knew not enough 
time to take all.

but at least we do not  want hear "WTF" as last time.

i hope this update should be fixed really basic user function like 
related get Signal, can not wake up from suspend,unable Alarm function......

checking the below link and Number of bugs.

*  Qtopia : 21
*  E-illume : 6
*  Installer : 5
*  Location : 4
*  System software : 9
*  Hardware : 2
*  Distro : 3

Best Regards,

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