Openmoko Bug #1890: gdb problems (single stepping and debug symbol table)

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Fri Aug 29 00:50:00 CEST 2008

#1890: gdb problems (single stepping and debug symbol table)
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Comment(by h.koenig):


 > BTW: I "only" have gdb-6.6 installed while gdb-6.8 source is available,
 > maybe gdb-6.8 would work just fine.  gdb-6.6 is quite old and reporting
 > "bugs" for 1+ year old software without testing current release ins't
 > too kind either ;-)

 I build gdb-6.8 myself with MokoMakefile (surprisingly easy once I
 that gdb-6.8 is alreay supported with a .bb file).

 with gdb-6.8 instruction single stepping seems to work correct (at least
 for that "bxcc lr" as some few tests showed)

 why does Om 2008.8 still include gdb-6.6 ?

 > - that my Xglamo binary and .debug/Xglamo really fit together (see my
 question about different time stamp)

 so next I rebuild Xglamo using MokoMakefile -- and now I get all symbols
 in gdb.
 as I suggested: the -dbg package did't seem to match the installed

 for reference here are the md5sums of the files I tried before:

 f3e4aa396f53cfe0e70b167bb130f1fb  /usr/bin/Xglamo.
 34457ec11ce9a0398ac2c3923fff81c2  /usr/bin/.debug/Xglamo.

 so an upstream report to gdb is not neccessary.

 now, where can I advocade to update gdb to version 6.8 in Om 2008.9 ???

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