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Fri Aug 29 12:40:22 CEST 2008

> On Thu, Aug 28, 2008 at 5:13 PM, regina <regina_kim at> wrote:
>> regina wrote:
>>> Hi guys.
>>> Testing team have selected list of bugs what should be fixed for
>>> Update OM 2008.09 (refer below the link)
>>> selected bugs are totally 52.(if we find out more serious bug number
>>> will increase )
>>> if we can fix all of them will be really perfect but i knew not enough
>>> time to take all.
>>> but at least we do not  want hear "WTF" as last time.
>>> i hope this update should be fixed really basic user function like
>>> related get Signal, can not wake up from suspend,unable Alarm
>>> function......
>>> checking the below link and Number of bugs.
>>> *  Qtopia : 21
>>> *  E-illume : 6
>>> *  Installer : 5
>>> *  Location : 4
>>> *  System software : 9
>>> *  Hardware : 2
>>> *  Distro : 3
>>> thanks
>>> Best Regards,
>>> Regina
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> I don't know if you guys want feedback on this from the community (if
> not, don't read the mail, I won't mind) but I would like to comment on
> this mail.
> I think I speak for a lot/the majority of users when I say that you
> can delay work on all those bugs except basic phone functionality and
> suspend/resume. We can live with everything else for the moment, but
> ALL software effort should go to making it a usable phone. (Hardware
> effort to removing the buzz, but I believe joerg already has this very
> high on his priority list). Echo suppression, reliable PIN dialog,
> always possible to make calls, GSM not constantly registering,
> reliable wakeup from suspend with full functionality... this is what
> we need. When more people use the phone as their primary and only
> phone I think community input improve even further.
> Things like "12 hour time format does not work" or "[illume] animation
> on mousedown / application start at mouseup" are really not worth the
> time and effort at this moment.
> Keep up the good work!
Hi Yorick ~

thanks for your command :-)

i want say something just gossip.

yes sure we can live with everything and we can delay to fix them later.

but in my view(testing) why should we alway delay and make user wait ?

why should we always  release so buggy software ??

why don't we think about improve our product better.

2008.08 already delayed 4 month then we released with really basic 
functionality problem.

sometimes  when i asked them to fix some bugs they just avoid then does 
not accept that is not bug.

i'm really truly tell them take a end user position.

actually i don't know linux well and i don't know how software developer 
think differently.

that's true we should provide better product to end user in the market .

i knew this time is short for fix all of them.

my meaning is just try to best

at least i don't want hear "What the Fuck" .

that's so hurt us. what i'm saying is not because so pain us ??  because 
our product is confidence to us.

sorry my english not good enough to describe what i want say.

anyway thanks for always interesting about our product much.~


Best Regards,

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