[ Software Testing Report : 2008.08.29 ]

Wendy wendy_hung at openmoko.com
Fri Aug 29 14:09:50 CEST 2008


Due to last bug report we have some bugs that already fix, but it also cost 
some side effects. 
Testing plan for next week is Full test with newest image, we expect it will 
be more stable than Om 2008.8 and ready for Om2008.9 update.

Please check below info:
[#1760] Out going call can not really disconnect by "End Call" if the other 
one did not pick up the call.  
-----------> (in_testing status, use next image to make sure it really fix)

[#1766] no signal, can't make phone call but can receive calls
-----------> (also waiting for next image to make sure it fix)

[#1691] qpe crashed all the time in one of our testing phone.
-----------> (still happened but rarely, keep tracking)

[#1884]Two of our phone can not wake up from suspend time.
-----------> (we found the way to reproduce it, now working on it)

[#1734,#1888]WiFi can not work (show up "unknown" all the time) 
-----------> #1734 already fixed but #1888 wifi can't connect happened.

[#1722 ] Can't take GSM signal right away after on the device
----------->  get signal too slow problem is getting batter, but still can be 

[#1661] Unable to send saved tags by entering number (Locations)
-----------> well.. still the same but we're working on this

[#1635]  After x hours the call active will become unstable. Can't receive 
or make a phone call normally.
-----------> the device act normally now but we still have to take care about 

[#1858] installer menu appear instead of softmenu after cancel to save 
contacts from call history
-----------> intersting bug, we're tracking now

Bugs happened like side effect:
[#1704] Button are disappeared and Only shows Dialing number if Device get 
incoming a call when make a Outgoing call(before other side answer the call)
[#1881] Illume lose control over fullscreen applications

Please select "Milestone Om2008.9" to see more important bug.

As before, please notice us if you have any question, we'll try our best to 
answer it.

Wish you a nice weekend,

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