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Fri Aug 29 14:26:28 CEST 2008

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Hi -

As I explain in this bug

Atheros told me the best way to get WLAN recognized after it has been
powered down was to rmmod and re-modprobe the modules either side of the
change of power status.  Right now, the modules are all built-in on our
configs.  I meddled about with it for a while couple of weeks ago and
couldn't get it to rescan and discover the WLAN after power down either,
so I think we have to move to modules now for Atheros SDIO and WLAN
driver bits.

The other guy on the bug xbaldauf points out that changing this would be
good for him in another way, since he gets hit by either driver or
firmware bugs to do with association that he currently has to reboot to

So we will need a couple of things somehow on userspace side for it to

~ - ifup script or whatever it is we use should power WLAN using a new
/sys that can come when we get this straight, then modprobe the modules in.

~ - ifdown script or similar should ifconfig down it, rmmod the modules,
then turn the WLAN module off uing the /sys thing again are we set for making these changes on userspace side (be it
Openmoko or Debian or whatever), or is there a better way to come at it?

- -Andy
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