Openmoko Bug #1933: usb network connection flaky

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Sun Aug 31 15:14:40 CEST 2008

#1933: usb network connection flaky
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 On 2008.8 upgraded with stable up to P1-Snapshot-20080807 I get
 intermitent USB networking malfunctioning.

 There's no message on desktop end in syslog suggesting a physical

 However, I'm losing pings to the freerunner :
 From icmp_seq=4251 Destination Host Unreachable
 From icmp_seq=4254 Destination Host Unreachable
 From icmp_seq=4255 Destination Host Unreachable

 Uplugging and replugging restores connection.

 Im' using screen as a workaround to keep a connected session on the FR.

 I noticed that when avahi-daemon was running on the desktop, it used to be
 worse, and disconnections happened sooner.

 Now, it will stay connected for minutes, but every 5min or so I have to
 un/replug to keep it connected.

 More details in this thread :

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