Testing and Unstable feeds for the FSO distribution are now available

Mike Baroukh mike at baroukh.com
Thu Aug 21 07:25:02 CEST 2008

Yes ! I was able tu build my own images ! ...
Thanks a lot.

real    430m50.083s
user    285m0.305s
sys     72m2.178s

Just a note : when compiling, it says that it should be faster with
"psyco jit".
I don't know if it's really faster but I just installed package
"python-psyco" and it doesn't complain anymore.
It's not in you package list.
If it really speed process, maybe you can add it to your server ...

Thanks again.


Rod Whitby a écrit :
> I have created an unofficial auto-builder for the FSO
> distribution at http://shr.bearstech.com (hosting of the
> server is provided by Bearstech - I have no relationship
> with Bearstech other than managing the auto-builder that
> runs on the server they have provided for this purpose).
> The server currently contains continuous builds of the
> fso-testing and fso-unstable distributions for the
> OpenMoko GTA01 (Neo 1973) and GTA02 (Neo FreeRunner).
> In the future it will also contain continuous builds of the
> shr-testing and shr-unstable distributions.
> The fso-testing and fso-unstable distributions are built
> from the org.openembedded.dev branch of the
> git://git.openembedded.net/org.openembedded.dev.git repository.
> Both are built with DISTRO set to 'openmoko' and MACHINE set
> to sequentially to 'om-gta01' and 'om-gta02'.
> The fso-testing distribution builds the versions of packages
> specified in the preferred-om-2008-versions.inc file and the
> sane-srcrevs.inc file.  A key feature of the fso-testing
> distribution is that the package versions do not change unless
> by direct action of developers to update those files.  The
> intention is that this results in a recent set of packages that
> have undergone some rudimentary testing by the developers.
> The fso-unstable distribution allows a certain set of packages
> (defined in the moko-autorev.inc and fso-autorev.inc files) to
> 'float', and therefore is more likely to have the absolute latest
> version of any package, but also more likely to include versions
> of packages that do not not work and sometimes do not even build.
> The set of packages built is determined by contents of the
> task-openmoko-feed recipe in the OpenEmbedded repository.
> Build results are reported continuously to the oestats server at
> http://tinderbox.openembedded.net/builders/shr.bearstech.com/
> All source tarballs used can be found in the sources directory
> on the server.
> Note that images that are rebuilt multiples times on the same day
> are overwritten.  The server operates in the CEST timezone.
> To replicate the configuration of this server, you should use a
> Debian Lenny host operating system, with the host package
> configuration as specified in the sources.list and dpkg-list.txt
> files in the server-config directory.
> Then copy the Makefile and 'common' directory to your build area.
> Read the Makefile for further documentation and instructions.
> -- Rod Whitby
> -- MokoMakefile and FsoMakefile author
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