[gta03] mc75i heads up

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer mickey at vanille-media.de
Mon Dec 1 01:30:30 CET 2008


> I am talking
> about the case where we don't use it... what is the behaviour Mickey saw
> on a real eval board when he just threw "hello world" at the UART
> channel (at what baud rate by default, etc).

I connected via ASC0 (which is must, if MUX should be an option), then opened 
the device node at 115200/8N1 and was greeted with the expected ^SYSSTART.
A subsequent AT\r\n should return AT\r\n\r\nOK.

The mc75i has an extensive system configuration block (I guess somewhere in 
non-volatile memory) that specifies the default baud rate on startup etc.

NB, I have spent some time with the manual and the mc75i offers quite some 
amazing features.

> BTW Mickey get well soon :-)

Thanks. :)


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