GL|ES Mesa and DRI

Thomas White taw27 at
Mon Dec 1 11:30:17 CET 2008

"Andreas Pokorny" <andreas.pokorny at> wrote:

> Please correct me if I am going into the wrong direction. I believe
> we need a DRM like kernel module that manages memory and rendering
> states and handles context switches

Absolutely.  In fact, I don't see any reason not to go the "whole hog"
and use the DRI infrastructure proper, which should make this a lot

This weekend I've been poking around in the 3D engine registers to
see if I can make the thing do anything.  So far I've got the engine
running and some sensible values out for its status registers.  My FR
didn't explode in a puff of smoke, which I guess is a good sign.  I hope
to get a hack together which makes it do something like draw a single
triangle on the screen for a simple start.

I just _love_ the comment at the beginning of the data sheet which says
that Glamo is the right 3D chip for people who like to "burn the
midnight oil"...


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