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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Could you describe this in more detail,
| Where do i type these commands ?
| Andy Green wrote:
|> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
|> | Latest uImage-android seems to be broken - uboot gives Bad data CRC
|> | message with it.
|> | Can anybody post some older uImage-android ?
|> No this is caused by U-Boot's default environment only pulling in 2MB
|> from the NAND partition for kernel.  Increase it like this ->
|> setenv bootcmd setenv bootargs \${bootargs_base} \${mtdparts}\; nand
|> read.e 0x32000000 kernel 0x300000\; bootm 0x32000000
|> saveenv

Ugh sorry U-boot has a kind of shell thing, you need to get in there
during a short window at boot when it should create a ttyACM0 on your
host PC.  You use minicom or such to connect and bang on ENTER until it
stops and shows a prompt.  Then the two commands shown above will
reprogram the U-Boot environment to pull larger kernels thereafter.  You
can type


to continue with the boot.

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