Xorg glamo status

Graeme Gregory graeme at openmoko.org
Mon Dec 8 10:40:06 CET 2008

Hi, a bit late but a status report on how I am progressing with this.

So, I have been trying to get RandR support into the driver so at least
we can use the display in any rotation even if unnaccellerated. But I am
hitting stumbling blocks. I am having trouble getting the driver to
advertise the modes which we can support. Kdrive has a structure with 4
modelines hardcoded into it. But modeline support in Xorg doesn't seem
to support this. Also for some reason my DriverFunc never seems to get
called to enquire about rotation support. I am investigating why this is
the case.

>From my investigations it seems that it might be required to move to
RandR 1.2 to support hardware rotation and to implement certain
operations in EXA to allow the x-server to redraw in the new rotation.


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