sushama sushama at openmoko.com
Mon Dec 8 11:20:18 CET 2008

Hi All,

I had some questions .Probably a stupid question but I really want to know how 
neo should work ,rather behave in such scenarios. 

Scenario 1:
1)when the neo is connected to charger/USB and the battery is taken out -
should the neo shut down or is it supposed to remain ON and if ON how long is 
it supposed to be ON?

Actual behaviour right now:

I have 2 phones and connected them to the charger with the battery out -One 
phone shuts down in a minute and the other stays ON for an hour or so.Not sure 
which one of these is the expected behaviour.
Should these phones remain ON with just the charger or should it shut down?

Scenario 2: 
2)When the battery is out and phone is ON with just the charger, can we make 
phone calls or use the device as a regular phone?(like make outgoing/incoming 

Actual behaviour right now:

As right now we cannot use the phone for calls/messages when connected to just 
the charger without the battery.  


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