Openmoko Bug #2165: gtk layout differences between 2007.2 and 2008.testing

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Mon Dec 8 15:21:58 CET 2008

#2165: gtk layout differences between 2007.2 and 2008.testing
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 Our application:

 Displayed fine on 2007.2 running:

 cacao: 0.98+hg20071001-r8
 classpath-common: 0.97.2-r5
 classpath: 0.97.2-r5
 classpath-gtk: 0.97.2-r5

 But fails to display properly on the latest 2008.testing with:

 cacao:  0.99.3-r5.1
 classpath-common:  0.97.2-r8.1
 classpath:  0.97.2-r8.1
 classpath-gtk:  0.97.2-r8.1

 Most noticeable differences include the failure to draw the splash screen
 correctly (is drawn centrally on 2007.2 and in the top left of the screen
 on 2008) and any pop-up dialogues (in 2008 they often needlessly take up
 the entire width of the screen. The open file dialogue in 2007.2 is shown
 as two boxes, one on top of the other, whereas in 2008 they are squashed
 next to one another).

 Upgrading cacao and classpath on the 2007.2 installation broke our
 application in a similar manner.

 Almost identical problems were suffered when running the application with
 JamVM. The gvSIG application is available to anyone who would like to
 conduct testing.

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