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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Hi,
| 2008/12/9 Graeme Gregory <graeme at>:
|> On Mon, 2008-12-08 at 21:10 +0000, Thomas White wrote:
|>> A practical DRM module will look very different indeed, but I thought
|>> I'd publish this early to hopefully inspire some of the people who were
|>> initially keen on this project to join in, and to get some extra pairs
|>> of eyes on the way I'm manipulating the hardware.
|> Excellent progress.
|> I have started to investigate using kernel mode switching for the glamo
|> as I believe that is built on top of the DRM subsystem. I haven't got
|> very far into looking into it yet. But it looks like this would be a
|> good way to make everything consistent (fbdev/xorg/mesa).
| I do not have much progress to report. I now have a test image on a
| SD card to make experiments with drm and a new still quite empty
| module for glamo. We have to make modifications to drm and bypass
| all pci related code. Since I also have a checkout of drm/dri/mesa from
| for the nouveau driver, I discovered that the drm
| module also differs in many parts to what is currently found in

Hi -

It says in drivers/gpu/drm/README.drm

* For the very latest on DRI development, please see:      *
*                          *

I guess the situation is a bit like ALSA, Linus tree lags behind what
the project site has.

If it's useful now, or it becomes useful, I'm happy to merge a later
version of this stuff in pending-tracking so it will turn up on

- -Andy
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