Release hopes

William Lai will at
Mon Dec 15 16:42:40 CET 2008


Minh Ha Duong wrote:
>   This is an open letter to share with you my hopes that 2008 testing will be 
> someday released as a minor update to 2008.9.  I am not feeling comfortable 
> with the present situation as an ending to the ASU narrative.

Thanks for the concern.  We're not exactly comfortable either.

>   Of course mostly everything is at an evolutionary end in this image and the 
> system is not grandma ready. But from my perspective, the only thing that 
> matters for such a minor release is that there are no regressions compared to 
> 2008.9, and it is way faster. Seen from the outside, I wonder what the 
> release effort could be, besides tagging and uploading to the directory.

We had some of the same questions for the last couple weeks.  After 
testing finished their work we now know where we stand.  Like you said, 
the system is not grandma ready, but it is faster.  There are a few 
items here and there that were looked into following the release to 
testing (2008.12.2), so hopefully we can upload soon, definitely within 
this year :)  Most of us who are left have just been too busy with the 
next major Milestone in 2009, also known as paroli:

Do look forward to that and thanks everyone for being patent.



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