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Marek Lindner marek at
Tue Dec 16 05:03:24 CET 2008


as discussed some weeks back Openmoko wants to reduce the time spent on other 
things next to the phone. Part of that process is the shutdown of our server. In the past we spent considerable time and effort 
maintaining it. As many people noticed things were not perfect and caused 
trouble quite often. 

We know some people feel it is the right place to concentrate the code that 
runs on the Openmoko platform. The decentral nature of the Internet & the FOSS 
community has proven to work well because everybody is focussing on what they 
think they can contribute. There are much better project platforms out there. 
For Openmoko it does not make sense trying to compete with them.

The next steps look like this:
- The admins already disabled user/project registration and SVN commit access 
(existing user still can login/svn can be checked out).
- The server will stay online for the next couple of months to allow all 
remaining projects to find a new home.
- After the shutdown we will provide source codes or other data on a request 
basis (the admin will keep a full offline backup).


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