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Tue Dec 16 10:16:46 CET 2008

I am involved in the community infrastructure at We
have 3 paid servers hosted in Germany and are currently upgrading our
infrastructure (the mai wiki is not online right now, sorry). We are
running the whole Atlassian Suite (Jira, Confluence, Bamboo, Crowd,
Crucible) backed by LDAP, and SVN against LDAP.

We are practising Open Participation Software development, which
basically means "Wiki brought to coding". You can read more as I bring
the Wiki back online tonight on that. We are trying to have no
barriers to development, self-registration gives you commit access to
SVN, Confluence and Jira etc so everyone can contribute. I think that
would fit the spirit of OpenMoko very much. Even is
hosted by us and practising that community model with very good



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On Tue, Dec 16, 2008 at 9:47 AM, David Reyes Samblas Martinez
<david at> wrote:
> :( It's not good news,
> so what will happen with the mailing lists already in
> I got two of them pretty active (fdom-devel and
> openmoko-spain)
> I'm agree openmoko core developers focus their effort in the inners of
> the phone and let the community  deal with the rest but I'm sorry but
> I believe not provide infrastructure to those community  projects
> directly related to openmoko is a very bad policy, and a step
> backwards in support the community to develop in the phone.
> Surely this decision is already taken and no possible to revert but
> instead of surrender this  had to be a point to keep and boost,
> provide tools to  developers with ideas but lack of resources.
> At least, openmoko instead  "go find yourself a new home", better
> provide a devel manual,howto,faq or any kind of document where specify
> recommended sites which provides the same or equivalent facilities and
> tools they use to provide. (mailing list, csv/svn, project mangement
> etc etc) and a recommended way to the users to find those projects.
> my 2 euro cents
> 2008/12/16 Yaroslav Halchenko < at>:
>> wow -- I did not know that maintaining GForge portal is a difficult and
>> duty -- is it too buggy? may be it is worth sending bug reports to
>> upstream or within respective distribution running on the box?
>> I know quite a few success stories (e.g. of
>> using gforge just to serve as a good single point of entry for
>> collaborative development, and it is really sad to hear that
>> failed to accomplish the mission from OM's point
>> of view.
>> Even though GForge is not perfect (lacks support for some popular VCS
>> etc), I still consider it to be usable, and quite a few
>> projects found their 'single home' on -- just look
>> at the updates dates on the projects listed on the main page.
>> Now that is really sad to hear from OM:
>>                "go find yourself a new home",
>> sounds again like a broken promise to me, sorry, and imho  is not nice
>> -- is really a lot of effort put by OM to maintain that poor website???
>> May be it is worth finding a person in the community who would not mind
>> taking a burden maintaining the portal? I bet it would not cost much
>> to OM to simply provide a single virtual server online which would run
>>, and give that dude all the keys?
>> What next to be gone?
>> On Tue, 16 Dec 2008, Marek Lindner wrote:
>>> - The server will stay online for the next couple of months to allow all
>>> remaining projects to find a new home.
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