Android image and some instructions

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Hi Alex,

Problem is that the CPIN request needs to look like this:

Your RIL sends without the quotes around the PIN code.

Best regards,

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Hey Sean,

attached is the adb logcat -b radio output.

I have tried this with androidfs.jffs2 from 12/05/08 and the kernel 
image from uImage-android from 12/04/08.

Before that I updated the GSM modem with the MOKO10 release. After that 
I checked the GSM with debian (from another SD card) to make sure GSM works.

The result is as before: I get asked for the PIN code and after entering 
it I receive "Incorrect PIN code!".


Sean McNeil schrieb:
> Hi Alexander,
> The issues I know of are:
> - WLAN currently not working
> - Unit suspends but will not awaken
> Yes, the keyboard entry needs work. We need some sort of virtual keyboard.
> Regarding the SIM pin number, obviously you get the dialer when it asks 
> because you said you enter the pin and it rejects it.  There is a little 
> information on my wiki page about tools and if you can perform the 
> following and send to me the results, we can figure it out pretty quick. 
> Please do the following:
> 1) Power up the phone while you are plugged into your host that has 
> Ethernet-over-USB setup as described elsewhere in the OM wiki. The phone 
> will come up as
> 2) Download the adb program pointed to at my wiki page.
> 3) type the following command when the phone starts the pulsing robot:
>       ADBHOST=neo ./adb logcat -b radio
> This will display all the log messages from the RIL. It might be useful 
> to have to regular logcat as well (just leave off the -b radio). You can 
> stop the program with a ctlr-c at any time. If you get --waiting for 
> device--, then issue the kill-server command and try again.
> Sean
> Alexander Mueller wrote:
>> Tried it yesterday and I love the UI: the first consistent look and 
>> feel since I started playing with FreeRunner.
>> Thinks that dont work
>> - GSM doesnt work. It asks for my PIN but tells me it is wrong
>>   (not true)
>> - WLAN doesnt work. Error while scanning the networks
>> - No keyboard entry (but I think this is a known issue)
>> Alex
>> Sean McNeil schrieb:
>>> I've started writing things down and have found a home to place an 
>>> image of Android for people to try out. You can find my musings at:
>>> This will take time to get down right, but hopefully now you will all 
>>> be able to begin playing with Android.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Sean
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