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    I've recently started to work with three OpenMoko phones. I
believe the usual first impression is the same for everybody: it is
fantastic. What a piece of work.

    I have installed python tools and extra libs, but I'm having some
difficulties with C/C++ tools in order to compile some extra (C-made)
modules for Python. For example, the 'ccache' tool is unavailable in
the repositories, as far as I have searched, and thus suggests me to
install it manually. Yet, I wouldn't like to do that for automation
and organization reasons. I have searched the Wiki (which is really
good), but haven't found anything about this.

    So, my question is: am I missing something here, or should I
proceed and install whatever is not in the repositories (in this case,
ccache) in a manual fashion? Is there a more refined list of packages
available (other than the opkg list output)?

   Note: I'm trying to compile my application sources on the phone. It
compiles fine on the desktop, which has all the tools installed. But
I'm being unable to reproduce my development environment on OpenMoko.

    This is my first post, and I'm not sure if this is the list for
this type of question. If it is not, please apologize and point me to
the right list.

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