[FSO] add QCT msm7* modem support

Lukas Gorris lukas.gorris at googlemail.com
Sat Dec 20 19:46:00 CET 2008



This patch allows fso to talk to the htc kaiser (tytn II) modem. It
sets ATV1 state so the radio returns OK instead of 0 and removes the Z
from ATZ so it doesn't go back to 0 mode. Using cli-framework in the
fso-console-image, I'm able to make phone calls with this on the
kaiser. Thanks again to mickey, stefan and everybody else who helped
and everybody contributing in true free software for mobile phones. I
see a great future for the msm7xxxx platform.

As mickey suggested I want to add a new modem type for the msm7xxxx in
the framework tree so we have room to add additional modifications
needed on the platform, like htc propietary commands and cdma
operations for the msm75xxx devices.

I would welcome a review of the patch. Is it the best way to get rid of ATV0 ?


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