Openmoko Bug #2185: AUX button makes interrupt storm

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Mon Dec 22 05:58:04 CET 2008

#2185: AUX button makes interrupt storm
 Reporter:  vnevoa   |          Owner:  openmoko-devel       
     Type:  defect   |         Status:  new                  
 Priority:  normal   |      Milestone:                       
Component:  unknown  |        Version:  Om2008.9-dev         
 Severity:  normal   |       Keywords:  AUX button interrupts
 Haspatch:  0        |      Blockedby:                       
Estimated:           |    Patchreview:                       
 Blocking:           |   Reproducible:  always               

Comment(by arhuaco):


 Here is the testing kernel. It has printks that you can check with "dmesg
 |tail". It should fix the issue I hope, it fixes the extra IRQs (actually
 1) for me.

 sha1sum : c4ff1d76b5f53c097803d95f27c4b222e22182ab

 If you are using u-boot, you need to type this in the u-boot prompt:

 setenv bootcmd setenv bootargs \${bootargs_base} \${mtdparts}\; nand
 read.e 0x32000000 kernel 0x300000\; bootm 0x32000000

 This will allow you to upload kernels bigger than 2MB.

 In case this kernel does not play well with your rootfs you might tell us
 how things go analyzing dmesg only.

 Thanks for testing :-)

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