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Marek Lindner marek at
Mon Dec 22 09:13:14 CET 2008


I add some more details, so that everybody is clear about whats going to 

> * build the asu image from the org.openmoko.stable branch on
> into Om2008.8 repository (the 'stable' repository).

Om2008.12 was released and the 2008.12 tag created.

> * build the fso images from the branch on
> into testing repository, so we can be fully in
>   sync with the fso development.

We build the FSO images as our unstable respository:
- The images are not rebuilt. We simply use the milestones created by the FSO 
- We build daily packages that are available on that very branch.
- Additionally, we try to build as much as possible packages even if they are 
not part of the FSO milestones.

- The testing repository can be suspended at the moment (see below). Although 
it could mean that we don't have some of the OM specifc extensions (package 
tags, opkg file ext, etc) until it was reopened. All our development effort goes 
into OE directly.

>   if fails too often we might still need a
> branch which stays at the last know to be good rev,
>   but let's just try first.

We expect that Openmoko needs to branch into an own testing branch to 
stabilize the image. That happens approx. 1-2 months prior to the Om2009 
release. At some point OM testing will be stable enough to be released as 

> * build the same stuffs with autorev (om autorev and fso autorev, I
>   believe) into unstable repository.

We may need a "latest" repository which builds the latest code of specific 
packages we are interested in (e.g. fso, paroli, etc) on a daily basis. Even 
if the build fails from time to time - its service for developers.


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