Xorg glamo update

Graeme Gregory graeme at openmoko.org
Mon Dec 22 18:16:07 CET 2008

Well after some confusion caused by me not noticing that both Exa and
KAA accelleration was in very similar looking and named functions I am
now progressing well in serperating out the Exa accelleration code and
updating it and the internal glamo control functions to use Xorg
structures instead of the kdrive ones.

I have created a xora/xorg-driver-wip branch were this work is going.
This stuff doesn't compile as Im still midway and I haven't split the
commits into nice sections. The plan is to get it compiling then merge
it neatly into the main branch.

Just to note its also the start of the winter festival here in the UK.
So there are 2 public holidays this week and one next week.


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